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50th Anniversary Symposium Posters

50th Anniversary Symposium Posters

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Timeline of Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory's Directors
Eddie Bernard et al.


Global Tropical Moored Buoy Array
Michael McPhaden et al.

Measuring and interpreting Pacific low-latitude western boundary currents
William. S. Kessler and Hristina Hristova

Deep Argo accurately measures Antarctic bottom water warming
Gregory C. Johnson et al.

New opportunities for BGC Argo for global mapping of ocean biogeochemical properties
Jonathan D. Sharp et al.

OneArgo-Mat/R: MATLAB and R toolboxes for accessing and visualizing Argo data
Hartmut Frenzel et al.

Follow a scientific robot that explores the ocean with the NOAA-PMEL Adopt-A-Float program!
Marin Cornec

PMEL Ocean Climate Stations (OCS) as reference time series and research aggregate devices
Meghan F. Cronin et al.

Developing an Observing Air-Sea Interactions Strategy (OASIS) for the global ocean to serve the global community
Precious Mongwe et al.

Smoke Planner: A planning and decision support system for prescribed burning
Andy M. Chiodi et al.

Three years of hurricane observations using Saildrones
Chidong Zhang et al.

Arctic & Ecosystems

Sea surface latent and sensible heat fluxes in the Pacific Arctic from Saildrone observations and numerical model products
Chidong Zhang et al.

Storm generated near-inertial waves in eastern Chukchi Sea – A case study by Saildrone observation and a hybrid coordinate ocean model
Nan-Hsun Chi et al.

Pop-up technology: What the data show us
Margaret E. Sullivan et al.

North American extreme winter weather and the polar vortex
Muyin Wang and James Overland

Biophysical modeling of Pacific high-latitude ecosystems and its application to marine resource management
Albert J. Hermann et al.

A generation of ecosystem research
Heather Tabisola et al.

PMEL Ocean Molecular Ecology: Characterizing the impacts of warming, ocean acidification, and hypoxia on Arctic and West Coast Ecosystems
Matthew P. Galaska et al.

Chemistry & Biology

Operationalizing eDNA metabarcoding taxonomic assignments for routine marine biomonitoring
Zach Gold et al.

Coastal physical-biogeochemical processes enhance subsurface acidification rates on the Bering Sea shelf
Darren J. Pilcher et al.

Streamlined submission and archival of quality-checked carbon data
Linus Kamb et al.

Impact of the solid Earth on ocean trace element biogeochemical cycles
Joseph Resing et al.

Innovation & Exploration

PMEL EOI Program: Advancing exploration for stewardship, sustainability and understanding earth systems
David A. Butterfield et al.

Novel observations of Earth's ultimate hadal zone: Passive acoustic records and eDNA samples from Challenger Deep, Mariana Trench
Robert P. Dziak et al.

PMEL research facilitates marine renewable energy development
Jay Turnbull et al.

A decade of the NOAA/NPS Ocean Noise Reference Station Network - Progress and achievements
Samara M. Haver et al.

Real-time cetacean detection from gliders
David K. Mellinger et al.

What do you do with hundreds of millions of ocean observations? Put them in BigQuery, serve them with ERDDAP and visualize them with Plotly Dash
Roland Schweitzer et al.

Surface ocean warming near the core of Hurricane Sam and its representation in forecast models
Andy M. Chiodi et al.


Forecasting of the March 11, 2011 Tohoku Japan tsunami [no PDF available]
Vasily Titov et al.

A path-conservative finite volume method for numerical simulation of tsunami waves with evolving bathymetry
Ernesto G. Fernandez et al.

Modeling tsunami inundation for hazard assessment of Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands
Natalia Sannikova et al.

Complex origin of the Hunga-Tonga volcanic tsunami explained by modelling of coastal impact
Christopher Moore et al.