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Successful test of a new deep-sea methane spectrometer off the coast of Oregon


NOAA PMEL, University of Washington and OptoKnowledge Systems, Inc. (OKSI) successfully conducted the first deep water test of a new methane analyzer to measure the concentration and carbon isotope ratio of methane near Axial Seamount. This new instrument can collect data that will improve scientists’ understanding of carbon cycling, greenhouse gasses, and sub-seafloor chemosynthetic reactions.

Dave squatting to the left of a remotely operated vehicle with a blue hat and mask on. Variety of tubes, bottles and sensors are shown as part of the ROV

Dave Butterfield checking fluid connections to the methane spectrometer (large black pressure case) mounted at the back of ROV Jason’s tool sled. Other equipment used on this dive include the auxiliary pump at left, 3 titanium gas-tight sampler with colored T-handles, a suction sampler (large orange hose) and the Hydrothermal Fluid Sampler intake nozzle at far right.  Photo Credit: Andrew Fahrland (OKSI)


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