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Ocean Acidification

New Publication: Ocean acidification varies around coastal North America

New NOAA and partner research comparing ocean acidification around North America shows that the most vulnerable coastal waters are along the northern part of the east and west coasts. While previous research has looked at specific regions, the new study appearing in Nature Communications, is the first in-depth comparison of ocean acidification in all North American coastal ocean waters. 

Two men who hard hats pull in a CTD rosette from the ocean.

A Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) sampler is retrieved during the East Coast Ocean Acidification cruise that characterized marine carbonate parameters in the waters along the U.S. and Canadian coasts. Credit: NOAA

People stand around a circular CTD instrument collecting water samples on a ship out in the Pacific Ocean

Scientists gather around a CTD during the West Coast Ocean Acidification Cruise to collect samples that measure concentrations of oxygen, pH, and carbon, salinity, chlorophyll and nutrients. Photo Credit: Meghan Shea/NOAA


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