National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration
United States Department of Commerce

Dr. Muyin Wang

Staff Affiliation: 
PMEL Division: 
Ocean Environment
PMEL Project: 

Research Interests

  • Processes associated with climate change in middle and high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere
  • Assessment of global coupled climate models (CMIPs)
  • Detection and attribution of climate change
  • Sea Ice projection/predictions
  • Impacts of climate change on North Pacific (including the Bering Sea) and Arctic ecosystems

Current Research Projects

  • Arctic Change Detection
  • Sea Ice Prediction Network, Phase 2 (SIPN2), (co-PI)
  • Synthesis study of the Bering Sea and the Chukchi Sea (EcoFOCI)
  • Changing Seasonality of the Arctic Ocean (co-PI)
  • Coupled Climate Model assessment and sea ice projections
  • Sea ice simulation and prediction at S2S scale
  • Arctic Heat flux