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Cont. #: 5432
Andrews, A., A. Desai, S. Metzger, A. Karion, J.B. Fisher, E. Podest, S. Alin, S. Goetz, K.J. Davis, G. Domke, B. Bond-Lamberty, D. Butman, S. Ogle, B. Poulter, M. Weitz, C. Gately, L. Windham-Myers, C. Trettin, R. Kolka, and C.A. Williams (2023): Sustained and Expanded Observations. Chapter 3.1 in 2022 NACP Science Implementation Plan, North American Carbon Program, U.S. Global Change Research Program,, View report on NACP website (external link).
Cont. #: 5439
Athulya, K., M.S. Girishkumar, M.J. McPhaden, and S.S. Kolukula (2023): Seasonal variation of the land breeze system in the southwestern Bay of Bengal and its influence on air-sea interactions. J. Geophys. Res., 128(3), e2022JC019477, doi: 10.1029/2022JC019477, View online at AGU/Wiley (external link).
Cont. #: 5324
Bailey, A., F. Aemisegger, L. Villiger, S.A. Los, G. Reverdin, E. Quiñones Meléndez, C. Acquistapace, D.B. Baranowski, T. Böck, S. Bony, T. Bordsdorff, D. Coffman, S.P. de Szoeke, C.J. Diekmann, M. Dütsch, B. Ertl, J. Galewsky, D. Henze, P. Makuch, D. Noone, P.K. Quinn, M. Rösch, A. Schneider, M. Schneider, S. Speich, B. Stevens, and E.J. Thompson (2023): Isotopic measurements in water vapor, precipitation, and seawater during EUREC4A. Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 15(1), 465–495, doi: 10.5194/essd-15-465-2023, View online at Copernicus Publications (external link).
Cont. #: 4859
Bednaršek, N., B.R. Carter, R.M. McCabe, R.A. Feely, E. Howard, F. Chavez, M. Elliott, J.L. Fisher, J. Jahncke, and Z. Siegrist (2022): Pelagic calcifiers face increased mortality and habitat loss with warming and ocean acidification. Ecol. Appl., 32(7), e2674, doi: 10.1002/eap.2674, View online (open access).
Cont. #: 5108
Bednaršek, N., B. Guilloux, D. Melaku Canu, C. Galdies, R. Guerra, S. Simoncelli, R.A. Feely, G. Pelletier, B. Gašparović, J. Godrijan, A. Malej, C. Solidoro, V. Turk, and S. Zunino (2023): Ocean acidification as a governance challenge in the Mediterranean Sea: Impacts from Aquaculture and Fisheries. Chapter 18 in Ocean Governance: Knowledge Systems, Policy Foundations and Thematic Analyses, vol. 25, S. Partelow, M. Hadjimichael, and A.-K. Hornidge (eds.), MARE Publication Series, Springer, 403–432, doi: 10.1007/978-3-031-20740-2, View open access book online at Springer (external link).
Cont. #: 5413
Berta, V.Z., L.M. Russell, D. Price, C.-L. Chen, A. Lee, P.K. Quinn, T.S. Bates, T.G. Bell, and M. Behrenfeld (2023): Non-volatile marine and non-refractory continental sources of particle-phase amine during the North Atlantic Aerosols and Marine Ecosystems Study (NAAMES). Atmos. Chem. Phys., 23(4), 2765–2787, doi: 10.5194/acp-23-2765-2023, View open access article online at Copernicus (external link).
Cont. #: 5303
Boyer, T., H.-M. Zhang, K. O’Brien, J. Reagan, S. Diggs, E. Freeman, H. Garcia, E. Heslop, P. Hogan, B. Huang, L.Q. Jiang, A. Kozyr, C. Liu, R. Locarnini, A. Mishonov, C. Paver, Z. Wang, M. Zweng, S. Alin, L. Barbero, J.A. Barth, M. Belbeoch, J. Cebrian, K. Connell, R. Cowley, D. Dukhovskoy, N.R. Galbraith, G. Goni, F. Katz, M. Kramp, A. Kumar, D. Legler, R. Lumpkin, C. McMahon, D. Pierrot, D.J. Plueddemann, E.A. Smith, A. Sutton, V. Turpin, L. Jiang, V. Suneel, R. Wanninkhof, R.A. Weller, and A.P. Wong (2023): Effects of the pandemic on observing the global ocean. Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., 104(2), E389–E410, doi: 10.1175/BAMS-D-21-0210.1, View online at AMS (external link).
Cont. #: 5445
Cael, B.B., K. Bisson, E. Boss, and Z.K. Erickson (2023): Extracting information from ocean color. Limnol. Oceanogr. Lett., doi: 10.1002/lol2.10319, View online at ASLO/Wiley (external link, open access).
Cont. #: 5174
Chen, Q., J.A. Mirrielees, S. Thanekar, N.A. Loeb, R.M. Kirpes, L. Upchurch, A.J. Barget, N.N. Lata, A.R.W. Raso, S.M. McNamara, S. China, P.K. Quinn, A. Ault, A. Kennedy, P.B. Shepson, J.D. Fuentes, and K.A. Pratt (2022): Atmospheric particle abundance and sea salt aerosol observations in the springtime Arctic: a focus on blowing snow and leads. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 22(23), 15263–15285, doi: 10.5194/acp-22-15263-2022, View online at EGU (external link).
Cont. #: 5361
Cronin, M.F., S. Swart, C.A. Marandino, C. Anderson, P. Browne, S. Chen, W.R. Joubert, U. Schuster, R. Venkatesan, C.I. Addey, O. Alves, F. Ardhuin, S. Battle, M. Bourassa, Z. Chen, M. Chory, C. Clayson, M. du Plessis, M. Edmondson, J. Edson, S.T. Gille, J. Hermes, S.A. Josey, M. Kurz, T. Lee, F. Maicu, E.H. Moustahfid, S.-A. Nicholson, E.S. Nyadjro, J. Palter, R.G. Patterson, S.G. Penny, L.P. Pezzi, N. Pinardi, J. Reeves-Eyre, N. Rome, A. Subramanian, C. Steinbarger, T. Steinhoff, A.J. Sutton, H. Tomita, S.M. Wills, C. Wilson, and L. Yu (2023): Developing an Observing Air-Sea Interactions Strategy (OASIS) for the global ocean. ICES J. Mar. Sci., 80(2), fsac149, doi: 10.1093/icesjms/fsac149, View online at journal (external link).
Cont. #: 5264
Cynar, H., L.W. Juranek, C.W. Mordy, D. Strausz, and S. Bell (2022): High-resolution biological net community production in the Pacific-influenced Arctic as constrained by O2/Ar and O2/N2 observations. Deep-Sea Res. II, 206, 105214, doi: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2022.105214.
Cont. #: 5336
Deppenmeier, A.-L., F.O. Bryan, W.S. Kessler, and L. Thompson (2022): Diabatic upwelling in the tropical Pacific: Seasonal and sub-seasonal variability. J. Phys. Oceanogr., 52(11), 2657–2668, doi: 10.1175/JPO-D-21-0316.1, View online at AMS, open access (external link).
Cont. #: 5372
Erickson, Z.K., E. Fields, M. Omand, L. Johnson, A.F. Thompson, E. D'Asaro, P. Carvalho, L.A. Dove, C.M. Lee, D.P. Nicholson, G. Shilling, I. Cetinić, and D. Siegel (2022): EXPORTS North Atlantic Eddy Tracking. NASA Technical Memorandum TM–20220009705, Inia Soto Ramos and Ivona Cetinić (eds.), doi: 10.1575/1912/29464.
Cont. #: 5434
Friedlingstein, P., M. O’Sullivan, M.W. Jones, R.M. Andrew, L. Gregor, J. Hauck, C. Le Quéré, I.T. Luijkx, A. Olsen, G.P. Peters, W. Peters, J. Pongratz, C. Schwingshackl, S. Sitch, J.G. Canadell, P. Ciais, R.B. Jackson, S. Alin, R. Alkama, A. Arneth, V.K. Arora, N.R. Bates, M. Becker, N. Bellouin, H.C. Bittig, L. Bopp, F. Chevallier, L.P. Chini, M. Cronin, Z. Liu, W. Evans, S. Falk, R.A. Feely, T. Gasser, M. Gehlen, T. Gkritzalis, L. Gloege, G. Grassi, N. Gruber, Ö. Gürses, I. Harris, M. Hefner, R.A. Houghton, G.C. Hurtt, Y. IIda, T. Ilyina, A.K. Jain, A. Jersild, K. Kadono, E. Kato, D. Kennedy, K. Klein Goldewijk, J. Knauer, J.I. Korsbakken, P. Landschützer, N. Lefèvre, K. Lindsay, J. Liu, G. Marland, N. Mayot, M.J. McGrath, N. Metzl, N.M. Monacci, D.R. Munro, S.-I. Nakaoka, Y. Niwa, K. O'Brien, T. Ono, P.I. Palmer, N. Pan, D. Pierrot, K. Pocock, B. Poulter, L. Resplandy, E. Robertson, C. Rödenbeck, C. Rodriguez, T.M. Rosan, J. Schwinger, R. Séférian, J.D. Shutler, I. Skjelvan, T. Steinhoff, Q. Sun, A.J. Sutton, C. Sweeney, S. Takao, T. Tanhua, P.P. Tans, X. Tian, H. Tian, B. Tilbrook, H. Tsujino, F. Tubiello, G. van der Werf, A.P. Walker, R. Wanninkhof, C. Whitehead, A. Willstrand Wranne, R. Wright, W. Yuan, C. Yue, X. Yue, S. Zaehle, J. Zeng, and B. Zheng (2022): Global Carbon Budget 2022. Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 14(11), 4811–4900, doi: 10.5194/essd-14-4811-2022, View online (open access, external link to publisher).
Cont. #: 5305
Geng, T., W. Cai, A. Santoso, G. Wang, Z. Jing, B. Gan, Y. Yang, S. Li, S. Wang, Z. Chen, and M.J. McPhaden (2022): Emergence of changing Central-Pacific and Eastern-Pacific El Niño-Southern Oscillation in a warming climate. Nature Commun., 13, 6616, doi: 10.1038/s41467-022-33930-5, View open access article at Nature (external link).
Cont. #: 5220
Han, W., L. Zhang, G.A. Meehl, S. Kido, T. Tozuka, Y. Li, M.J. McPhaden, A. Hu, A. Cazenave, N. Rosenbloon, G. Strand, B.J. West, and W. Xing (2022): Sea level extremes and compounding marine heatwaves in coastal Indonesia. Nature Commun., 13, 6410, doi: 10.1038/s41467-022-34003-3, View online, open access at Nature Publishing (external link).
Cont. #: 5271
Heukamp, F.O., P. Brandt, M. Dengler, F.P. Tuchen, M.J. McPhaden, and J.N. Moum (2022): Tropical instability waves and wind-forced cross-equatorial flow in the central Atlantic Ocean. Geophys. Res. Lett., 49(19), e2022GL099325, doi: 10.1029/2022GL099325, View online open access article at AGU (external link).
Cont. #: 5443
Heuzé, C., S.G. Purkey, and G.C. Johnson (2022): It's high time we monitor the deep ocean. Environ. Res. Lett., 17(12), 121002, doi: 10.1088/1748-9326/aca622, View open access online at IOP (external link).
Cont. #: 5407
Hu, S.K., A.R. Smith, R.E. Anderson, S.P. Sylva, M. Setzer, M. Steadmon, K.L. Frank, E.W. Chan, D.S.S. Lim, C.R. German, J.A. Breier, S.Q. Lang, D.A. Butterfield, C.S. Fortunato, J.S. Seewald, and J.A. Huber (2022): Globally-distributed microbial eukaryotes exhibit endemism at deep-sea hydrothermal vents. Mol. Ecol., doi: 10.1111/mec.16745, View online at Wiley (external link).
Cont. #: 5435
Huang, K., D. Wang, G. Chen, M. Nagura, W. Han, M.J. McPhaden, M. Feng, J. Chen, Y. Wu, X. Zhang, Y. Li, Q. Xie, W. Wang, and F. Zhou (2022): Intensification and dynamics of the westward Equatorial Undercurrent during the summers of 1998 and 2016 in the Indian Ocean. Geophys. Res. Lett., 49(20), e2022GL100168, doi: 10.1029/2022GL100168, View article at AGU (external link).
Cont. #: 5408
Jiang, L.-Q., J. Dunne, B.R. Carter, J.F. Tjiputra, J. Terhaar, J.D. Sharp, A. Olsen, S. Alin, D.C.E. Bakker, R.A. Feely, P. Hogan, T. Ilyina, N. Lange, S.K. Lauvset, T. Lovato, J. Palmieri, Y. Santana-Falcón, J. Schwinger, R. Séférian, G. Strand, N. Swart, T. Tanhua, H. Tsujino, R. Wanninkhof, M. Watanabe, A. Yamamoto, and T. Ziehn (2023): Global surface ocean acidification indicators from 1750 to 2100. J. Adv. Model. Earth Syst., 15(3), e2022MS003563, doi: 10.1029/2022MS003563, View open access article online at AGU (external link).
Cont. #: 5419
Jiang, L.Q., A. Kozyr, J.M. Relph, E.I. Ronje, L. Kamb, E. Burger, J. Myer, L. Nguyen, K.M. Arzayus, T. Boyer, S. Cross, H. Garcia, P. Hogan, K. Larsen, and A.R. Parsons (2023): The Ocean Carbon and Acidification Data System. Sci. Data, 10, 136, doi: 10.1038/s41597-023-02042-0, View open access article online at Nature Publishing (external link).
Cont. #: 5414
Lauvset, S.K., N. Lange, T. Tanhua, H.C. Bittig, A. Olsen, A. Kozyr, S. Alin, M. Álvarez, K, Azetsu-Scott, S. Becker, P.J. Brown, B.R. Carter, L. Cotrim da Cunha, R.A. Feely, M. Hoppema, M. Humphreys, M. Ishii, E. Jeansson, S.D. Jones, C. Lo Monaco, A. Murata, J.D. Müller, F.F. Pérez, B. Pfeil, C. Schirnick, R. Steinfeldt, T. Suzuki, B. Tilbrook, A. Ulfsbo, A. Velo, R.J. Woosley, and R.M. Key (2022): GLODAPv2.2022: The latest version of the global interior ocean biogeochemical data product. Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 14(12), 5543–5572, doi: 10.5194/essd-14-5543-2022, View open access at publisher's site (external link).
Cont. #: 5471
Levine, R.M., A. De Robertis, D. Grünbaum, S. Wildes, E.V. Farley, P.J. Stabeno, and C.D. Wilson (2023): Climate-driven shifts in pelagic fish distributions in a rapidly changing Pacific Arctic. Deep-Sea Res. II, 208, 105244, doi: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2022.105244, View online at Elsevier (external link).
Cont. #: 5415
Li, C.-L., Y. Wu, X. Wang, R.A. Feely, W.-J. Cai, L. Han, X. Lin, and D. Qi (2022): Accelerated accumulation of anthropogenic CO2 drives rapid acidification in the North Pacific subtropical mode water during 1993-2020. Geophys. Res. Lett., 49(24), e2022GL101639, doi: 10.1029/2022GL101639, View open access online at Wiley/AGU (external link).
Cont. #: 5384
Lindquist, A., A. Sutton, A. Devol, A. Winans, A. Coyne, B. Bodenstein, B. Curry, B. Herrmann, B. Sackmann, B. Tyler, C. Maloy, C. Greengrove, C. Fanshier, C. Krembs, C. Sabine, C. Cook, C. Hard, C. Greene, D. Lowry, D. Harvell, E. McPhee-Shaw, E. Haphey, G. Hannach, H. Bohlmann, H. Burgess, I. Smith, I. Kemp, J. Newton, J. Borchert, J. Mickett, J. Apple, J. Bos, J. Parrish, J. Ruffner, J. Keister, J. Masura, K. Devitt, K. Bumbaco, K. Stark, L. Hermanson, L. Claassen, L. Swanson, M. Burger, M. Schmidt, M. McCartha, M. Peacock, M. Eisenlord, M. Keyzers, N. Christman, N. Hamel, N. Burnett, N. Bond, O. Graham, P. Biondo, P. Hodum, R. Wilborn, R.A. Feely, S. Pearson, S. Alin, S. Albertson, S. Moore, S. Jaeger, S. Pool, S. Musielwicz, T. King, T. Good, T. Jones, T. Ross, T. Sandell, T. Burks, V. Trainer, V. Bowes, W. Ruef, and W. Eash-Loucks (2023): Puget Sound Marine Waters: 2021 Overview. J. Apple, R. Wold, K. Stark, J. Bos, P. Williams, N. Hamel, S. Yang, J. Selleck, S. Moore, J. Rice, S. Kantor, C. Krembs, G. Hannach, and J. Newton (eds.), University of Washington's Puget Sound Institute for the Puget Sound Ecosystem Monitoring Program’s (PSEMP) Marine Waters Workgroup.
Cont. #: 5295
Logerwell, E., M. Wang, L. Jorgensen, and K. Rand (2022): Winners and losers in a warming Arctic: Potential habitat gain and loss for epibenthic invertebrates of the Chukchi and Bering Seas. Deep-Sea Res. II, 206, 105210, doi: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2022.105210, View online at Elsevier (external link).
Cont. #: 5322
Lough, A.J.M., A. Tagliabue, C. Demasy, J.A. Resing, T. Mellett, N.J. Wyatt, and M.C. Lohan (2023): Tracing differences in iron supply to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge valley between hydrothermal vent sites: implications for the addition of iron to the deep ocean. Biogeosciences, 20(2), 405–420, doi: 10.5194/bg-20-405-2023, View online (open access, external link).
Cont. #: 5418
McClure, M., M.A. Haltuch, E. Willis-Norton, D.D. Huff, E.L. Hazen, L.G. Crozier, M.G. Jacox, M.W. Nelson, K.S. Andrews, L.A.K. Barnett, A.M. Berger, S. Beyer, J. Bizzarro, D. Boughton, J.M. Cope, M. Carr, H. Dewar, E. Dick, E. Dorval, J. Dunham, V. Gertseva, C. Greene, R.G. Gustafson, O.S. Hamel, C.J. Harvey, M.J. Henderson, C. Jordan, I.C. Kaplan, S.T. Lindley, N.J. Mantua, S.E. Matson, M.H. Monk, P. Moyle, C. Nicol, J. Pohl, R.R. Rykaczewski, J.F. Samhouri, S. Sogard, N. Tolimieri, J. Wallace, C. Wetzel, and S.J. Bograd (2023): Vulnerability to climate change of managed stocks in the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem. Front. Mar. Sci., 10, 1103767, doi: 10.3389/fmars.2023.1103767, View online at Frontiers (external link, open access).
Cont. #: 5371
McPhaden, M.J., and C. Karamperidou (2022): La Niña came to Eden. Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., 103(12), E2862–E2877, doi: 10.1175/BAMS-D-21-0343.1, View online at AMS (external link).
Cont. #: 5386
Nagano, A., B. Geng, K.J. Richards, M.F. Cronin, K. Taniguchi, M. Katsumata, and I. Ueki (2022): Coupled atmosphere–ocean variations on timescales of days observed in the western tropical Pacific warm pool during mid-March 2020. J. Geophys. Res., 127, e2022JC019032, doi: 10.1029/2022JC019032, View open access article online at AGU (external link).
Cont. #: 5325
Nielsen, J.M., L.A. Copeman, L.B. Eisner, K.E. Axler, C.W. Mordy, and M.W. Lomas (2023): Phytoplankton and seston fatty acids dynamics in the northern Bering-Chukchi Sea region. Deep-Sea Res. II, 208, 105247, doi: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2022.105247, View online at Elsevier (external link).
Cont. #: 5365
Norton, E.L., I.C. Kaplan, S.A. Siedlecki, A.J. Hermann, S.R. Alin, J. Newton, K. Corbett, D. Ayres, E.J. Schumacker, N.A. Bond, K. Richerson, and M.A. Alexander (2023): Seasonal ocean forecasts to improve predictions of Dungeness crab catch rates, co-developed with state and tribal fishery managers. ICES J. Mar. Sci., fsad010, doi: 10.1093/icesjms/fsad010, View online at Oxford Academic (open access, external link).
Cont. #: 5423
Overland, J.E. (2022): Arctic climate extremes. Atmosphere, 13(10), 1670, doi: 10.3390/atmos13101670, View online - open access article (external link).
Cont. #: 5396
Pearson, E., W.K. Oestreich, J.P. Ryan, S.M. Haver, J. Gedamke, R.P. Dziak, and C.C. Wall (2023): Widespread passive acoustic monitoring reveals spatio-temporal patterns of blue and fin whale song vocalizations in the northeast Pacific Ocean. Front. Remote Sens., 4, 994518, doi: 10.3389/frsen.2023.994518, View online at Frontiers (external link, open access).
Cont. #: 5300
Range, M.M., B.K. Arbic, B.C. Johnson, T.C. Moore, V.V. Titov, A.J. Adcroft, J.K. Ansong, C.J. Hollis, J. Ritsema, C.R. Scotese, and H. Wang (2022): The Chicxulub impact produced a powerful global tsunami. AGU Advances, 3, e2021AV000627, doi: 10.1029/2021AV000627, View online open access article (external link).
Cont. #: 5353
Royer, H.M., M.L. Pöhlker, O. Krüger, E. Blades, P. Sealy, N. Nahar Lata, Z. Cheng, S. China, A.P. Ault, P.K. Quinn, P. Zuidema, C. Pöhlker, U. Pöschl, and C. Gaston (2023): African smoke particles act as cloud condensation nuclei in the wintertime tropical North Atlantic boundary layer over Barbados. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 23(2), 981–998, doi: 10.5194/acp-23-981-2023, View online (open access, external link).
Cont. #: 5314
Saenger, C.P., N. Bednaršek, P. McElhany, E.L. Norton, S.R. Alin, D.S. Busch, R.A. Feely, A.J. Hermann, and S.A. Siedlecki (2023): Evaluating environmental controls on the exoskeleton density of larval Dungeness crab via micro computed tomography. Front. Mar. Sci., 10, 1095253, doi: 10.3389/fmars.2023.1095253.
Cont. #: 5354
Stabeno, P.J., and R.M. McCabe (2023): Re-examining flow pathways over the Chukchi Sea continental shelf. Deep-Sea Res. II, 207, 105243, doi: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2022.105243, View online at Elsevier (external link).
Cont. #: 5362
Surya Prakash, L., P. John Kurian, J.A. Resing, U. Tsunogai, A. Srinivas Rao, K. Sen, J.E. Lupton, T. Baumberger, A. Prajith, and P. Roy (2022): Volatile-rich hydrothermal plumes over the southern Central Indian Ridge, 24° 49’ S: Evidence for a new hydrothermal field hosted by ultramafic rocks. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 23(10), e2022GC010452, doi: 10.1029/2022GC010452, View online open access article at AGU (external link).
Cont. #: 5426
Sutton, A.J., R. Battisti, B.R. Carter, W. Evans, J. Newton, S.R. Alin, N.R. Bates, W.-J. Cai, K. Currie, R.A. Feely, C. Sabine, T. Tanhua, B. Tilbrook, and R. Wanninkhof (2022): Advancing best practices for assessing trends of ocean acidification time series. Front. Mar. Sci., 9, 1045667, doi: 10.3389/fmars.2022.1045667, View open access online at Frontiers (external link).
Cont. #: 5037
Ueno, H., A. Bracco, J.A. Barth, M.V. Budyansky, D. Hasegawa, S. Itoh, S.Y. Kim, C. Ladd, X. Lin, Y.-G. Park, S. Prants, T. Ross, I.I. Rypina, Y. Sasai, O.O. Trusenkova, E.I. Ustinova, and Y. Zhong (2023): Review of oceanic mesoscale processes in the North Pacific: physical and biogeochemical impacts. Prog. Oceanogr., 212, 102955, doi: 10.1016/j.pocean.2022.102955, View online at Elsevier (external link, open access).
Cont. #: 5380
Venkatesan, R., M.F Cronin, C. Anderson, J. Aucan, M.L. Aydelett, S. Boulay, P. Chardón-Maldonado, M. Chory, M. Edmondson, C. Gommenginger, E. Jones, C. Marandino, S. Wills, and C. Wilson (2022): Workshop Report for the Air-Sea Observations for a Safe Ocean, a satellite event for the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development - Safe Ocean Laboratory. SCOR Working Group #162 for developing an Observing Air-Sea Interactions Strategy (OASIS), GEOMAR, Newark, NJ, 7 April 2022 (held virtually), 13 pp, doi: 10.3289/SCOR_WG_162_2022_2.
Cont. #: 5400
Walker, S.L., and C.E.J. de Ronde (2023): Two decades of monitoring hydrothermal plumes at the Brothers Submarine Volcano, Kermadec Arc, New Zealand. Econ. Geol., doi: 10.5382/econgeo.4998, Published online; view open access at Geoscience World (external link).
Cont. #: 5360
Wang, H., M. Liu, W. Wang, H. Zhou, M.J. Ellwood, D.A. Butterfield, N.J. Buck, and J.A. Resing (2022): Iron ligands and isotopes in hydrothermal plumes over backarc volcanoes in the Northeast Lau Basin, Southwest Pacific Ocean. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 336, 341-352, doi: 10.1016/j.gca.2022.09.026, View online (external link).
Cont. #: 5433
Williams, C.A., S. Alin, D. Butman, S. Doney, A. Finzi, C. Gough, D. Hayes, S. Hobbie, T. Keenan, R. Kolka, K. Lajtha, P.J. Marcotullio, S. Pincetl, and A.D. Richardson (2023): Process and Attribution Studies to Uncover Mechanistic Responses to Drivers. Chapter 3.3 in 2022 NACP Science Implementation Plan, North American Carbon Program, U.S. Global Change Research Program,, View report on NACP website (external link).
Cont. #: 5304
Xu, W., J.-E. Lee, B. Fox-Kemper, Y. Planton, and M.J. McPhaden (2022): The Andes Affect ENSO Statistics. J. Climate, 35(21), 3477–3491, doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-21-0866.1, View online at AMS, open access (external link).
Cont. #: 5251
Zhang, C., and J.A. Moore (2023): A road map to success of international field campaigns in atmospheric and oceanic sciences. Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., 104(1), E257–E290, doi: 10.1175/BAMS-D-22-0133.1, View online at AMS (external link).
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