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FY 2020

[Workshop report] Current and future uses of UAS for improved forecasts/warnings and scientific studies

McFarquhar, G.M., E. Smith, E.A. Pillar-Little, K. Brewster, P.B. Chilson, T.R. Lee, S. Waugh, N. Yussouf, X. Wang, M. Xue, G. de Boer, J.A. Gibbs, C. Fiebrich, B. Baker, J. Brotzge, F. Carr, H. Christophersen, M. Fengler, P. Hall, T. Hock, A. Houston, R. Huck, J. Jacob, R. Palmer, P.K. Quinn, M. Wagner, Y. Zhang, and D. Hawk

Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., 101(8), Norman, OK, 29–31 October 2019, E1322–E1328, View online (open access) (2020)

Workshop on Current and Future Uses of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) for Improved Forecasts/Warnings and Scientific Studies. Sixty-three participants including graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and senior researchers working in the atmospheric sciences at U.S. and international universities, private companies, and government laboratories met to discuss scientific applications of UASs.

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