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FY 1996

VENTS 1994 Cleft and Coaxial Segment plume monitoring: Physical and chemical data, NOAA ships Discoverer and Surveyor, and R/V Atlantis II, April to September 1994

Devany, M.S., E.T. Baker, R.A. Feely, D.J. Pashinski, G.T. Lebon, S.L. Walker, K.A. Krogslund, and C. Mordy

NOAA Data Report ERL PMEL-58, NTIS: PB96-155031, 156 pp (1996)

This report summarizes salinity, temperature, nutrient, optical, and total suspended matter data collected during the NOAA VENTS cruises in April to September of 1994. The data were collected over the Juan de Fuca Ridge covering an area from 44°00´N to 48°00´N and 126°30´W to 130°50´W. Additional data were collected on a transect from 45°00´N/129°45´W to 32°30´N/155°00´W and south to 20°24´N/155°00´W.

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