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FY 1990

Circulation and property distributions in the central Bering Sea, Spring 1988

Reed, R.K., and P.J. Stabeno

NOAA Tech. Report ERL 439-PMEL 39, NTIS: PB90-155847, 13 pp (1989)

Data from a synoptic CTD survey in the central Bering Sea in winter 1988 are used to examine circulation and property distributions. A coherent, cyclonic circulation existed over much of the region. Geostrophic flow as great as 40 cm s was present over the continental slope; another branch of relatively strong flow was situated over the shelf near a surface salinity front. The characteristic subsurface temperature minimum and maximum were both found in less dense water than in previous observations. Six satellite-tracked drifting buoys were also deployed. Their paths were in general agreement with the geostrophic flow, but some small eddies were revealed by the drifters that were not detected by the CTD data.

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