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2008 Review - PMEL in the NOAA News

2008 Review - PMEL in the NOAA News


NOAA Scientists Among Finalists for Top Public Service Awards
June 24, 2008

International Scientists Find ‘Acidified’ Water on the Continental Shelf from Canada to Mexico
May 22, 2008

Arctic, Antarctic: Poles Apart in Climate Response 
May 2, 2008

NOAA Studies Pollutants in Ice-Free Region of Arctic 
March 28, 2008

Southern Ocean Cruise to Probe Climate-Relevant Gases 
February 21, 2008


Global Ocean Observing Array Reaches Milestone International Argo Effort Launches 3,000th Float 
November 2, 2007

Arctic ‘Report Card’ Shows Continued Climate Changes 
October 17, 2007

NOAA Scientists Feely and Solomon to Receive Explorers Club Lowell Thomas Award 
October 11, 2007

NOAA, Indonesia to Launch Second Tsunami Buoy, Four Climate Buoys in Indian Ocean 
September 19, 2007

First-of-Kind Buoy to Monitor North Pacific Acidification
June 12, 2007

Australia to Launch its First NOAA DART II Tsunami Buoy
April 12, 2007

NOAA Scientist Elected American Geophysical Union Fellows
January 23, 2007


NOAA Provides First Tsunami Detection Buoy for the Indian Ocean
November 30, 2006

New Study Confirms Low Tsunami Risk at Pearl Harbor
August 25, 2006

Explorers Discover Undersea Volcano's Long-Term Eruption
May 25, 2006

NOAA Reaches a Critical Milestone in U.S. Tsunami Warning System Expansion
April 28, 2006


NOAA Seattle Lab Wins Gold Medal for Tsunami Research
April 5, 2005

NOAA’S Michael McPhaden Wins Presidential Rank Award
May 4, 2005

NOAA, Partners Expand TAO Array Into The Indian Ocean as Global Earth Observing System Grows
April 25, 2005

U.S. Announces Plan for an Improved Tsunami Detection and Warning System
January 14, 2005


NOAA and Partners Reach Ocean Observing Milestone with 1,500 Operational ARGO Floats
November 30, 2004

New NOAA Web Site Keeps an Eye on the Arctic
November 22, 2004

NOAA Laboratory Wins Gold Medal Award for Tsunami Detection System
November 5, 2004

Study Details Distribution, Impacts of Carbon Dioxide in the Worlds Oceans
July 15, 2004

Largest Air Quality and Climate Study Starts in New England
June 28, 2004

NOAA, Partners Film Active Deep-Sea Volcanic Activity
May 13, 2004

NOAA Leading the Way in Tsunami Research and Education
April 1, 2004

NOAA and Partners Take to Air, Land and Sea to Study New England Air Quality
March 18, 2004

NOAA Web Site Lets You Explore Undersea Vents on Submarine Ring of Fire Interactive Site Combines Discovery, Science and Computer Animation 
February 20, 2004