The P16S hydrographic/carbon/tracer survey in the South Pacific Ocean was carried out from R/V Roger Revelle from 9 January through 19 February 2005. The cruise departed from Papeete, Tahiti on 9 January, 2005. A meridional transect from 16 to 71°S along 150°W was completed. 111 full-depth CTD/rosette/LADCP casts (at 30 nm spacing), 4 shallow CDOM rosette casts, and 58 trace metals CTD/rosette casts were completed from 10 January to 11 February. Salinity, dissolved oxygen, and nutrients were analyzed for up to 36 water samples from each cast of the principal CTD/rosette program. Other parameters sampled included CFCs, helium, total inorganic carbon, alkalinity, radiocarbon, tritium, several parameters related to dissolved organic matter, and nitrogen-15. Additional deployments included 12 ARGOS floats and 21 Bio-Optics casts. The cruise ended in Wellington, New Zealand on 19 February 2005.

Carbon Data
CTD and other hydrographic data
WOCE section designation: P16S_2005a
Chief Scientists: Dr.Bernadette M. Sloyan and Dr. James H. Swift
Dates: 2005 JAN 06 - 2005 FEB 19
Ship: R/V Revelle
Ports of call: Papeete, Tahiti - Wellington, New Zealand
Number of stations: 111
Geographic boundaries: 16°S to 71°S by 150° 14.71'W to 149°54.48"W

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