North American West Coast uwpCO2

In support of PMEL's Coastal Carbon Dynamics and Ocean Acidification research programs, we have outfitted NOAA ships and container ships with underway pCO2 systems to document the distributions and air-sea flux of CO2 along the North American West Coast from Alaska to Central America.  In recent years, we have expanded our suite of measurements to include pH and O2 saturation on selected ships.

NOAA Ships measuring underway pCO2 since 2006:

NOAA Ship McArthur II
(2006 - 2008)
NOAA Ship Miller Freeman
(2009 - 2010)
NOAA Ship David Starr Jordan
(2006 - 2008)
NOAA Ship Bell Shimada
(2011 - present)
NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson
(2014 - present)
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