Feely Testifies before U.S. Senate May 2007

Effects of Climate Change and Ocean Acidification on Living Marine Resources

PMEL scientist Dr. Richard Feely testified before the U.S. Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Subcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries, and Coast Guard at a hearing on May 10, 2007 exploring the effects of climate change and ocean acidification on living marine resources.

Dr. Feely's testimony focused on the state of the science and the potential impacts of ocean acidification on living marine resources.

Other witnesses were Dr. Scott Doney, Senior Scientist, Department of Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute; Dr. David O. Conover, Dean and Director, Marine Science Research Center, Stony Brook University; Dr. Lara J. Hansen, Chief Scientist, Climate Change Program, World Wildlife Fund; Admiral James D. Watkins USN (Ret.), Co-Chair, Joint Ocean Commission Initiative; Dr. Gordon H. Kruse, President's Professor of Fisheries, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences .

To learn more about the hearing and view the archived webcast visit the web site for the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.

Testimony of Dr. Richard Feely

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