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Atmospheric Administration
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Melting sea ice in the Chukchi sea in June 2016 seen from the NOAA Twin Otter aircraft
Instrumented wave glider with Alaska glacier - Evans
Pelagic Trawl nets sample fish in the water column - Alex Andrews
North Pole with rainbow on July 5, 2010
Launching saildrone in Dutch Harbor AK ©Saildrone Inc. 2015

What's New

August 26, 2020
Yellow surface buoy floating in the water during testing of the first flotation controllable ocean mooring system
August 27, 2020

After 8 months of sitting on the seafloor, PMEL’s latest engineering development, the Flotation Controllable Ocean Mooring (FCOM) system successfully resurfaced in July. Over the last two years, PMEL has been developing a profiling mooring for use in Arctic regions that submerges when ice arrives in the fall and refloats in the spring... more

In the News

June 30, 2020

Scientists implement a contingency plan to collect valuable abundance data to support sustainable management of the... more

June 08, 2020

Scientists are working to determine if, and by how much, sulphate aerosols have declined due to the industrial... more

June 01, 2020

Scientists are capitalizing on existing technological capabilities and partnerships to collect fisheries data. This... more