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Atmospheric Administration
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NOAA ship Ka'imimoana at sea after float deployment


Our projects range from regional to global in scale and we work to incorporate a variety of observational tools (e.g., remote and in situ sensing and synthesis products) and model output to understand ocean biogeochemistry and physics.

Teachers in the greater Seattle area interested in partnering with the GOBOP group to incorporate the Argo program into their lessons about oceanography, climate change, and/or ocean technology can contact us about participating in the new PMEL Adopt-a-Float Program at PMEL’s Adopt-a-Float program operates regionally, but is modeled after broader programs in the USA (through SOCCOM and GO-BGC) and France that offer opportunities for educators worldwide.

Undergraduate students interested in Summer Internship opportunities with our group, please check out the NOAA Hollings Scholarship Program, CICOES Research Internship, the William H. Lapenta - NOAA Student Internship Program, and the EPP/MSI NOAA Scholarship Program.

Graduate students and Postdocs interested in pursuing research with our group (via collaboration with the University of Washington or CICOES, or via PMEL directly), please contact the PIs by email. Specific opportunities will be listed below, and you are also encouraged to review the following fellowship opportunities.