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A seafloor observatory at an active underwater volcano
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NeMO studies the dynamic interactions between submarine volcanic activity and seafloor hotsprings at an observatory, Axial seamount. A volcanic eruption occurred at Axial in January 1998, destroying some hydrothermal vent sites and creating new ones. Since then NeMO scientists have been assessing the impact of the eruption and documenting the on-going changes in Axial's summit caldera.

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image from Rumbleometer virtual reality image of deepsea octopus image of tubeworms at hydrothermal vent image of deepsea fish

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NeMO 2012 cruise report is available: pdf (13MB)

NeMO 2011 expedition discovered that an eruption had occurred at Axial Seamount in April 2011! 
Read more about the discovery here.
Download the 2011 cruise report: pdf (11.5MB)

NeMO 2010 expedition was August 26-September 7 aboard the R/V Thompson.
Download the NeMO 2010 cruise report: pdf (6.6MB)
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