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EOI Program Expeditions and Research Sites

EOI has been leading research expeditions around the world since 1983. Results are published in peer-reviewed journals listed on the publications site and data is available via the appropriate repositories at National Centers for Environmental Information, R2R Program, SESAR and MGDS.

Expedition focus sites:
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  • NE Pacific - Axial Seamount
  • Marianas
  • Lau Basin

  • Other expeditions:
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    Previous expeditions
    EOI Expeditions
    Expeditions by year-

    Cascadia Margin (June 12 - July 3), R/V Falkor



    Geotraces GA-13, R/V James Cook

    Lost City, R/V Atlantis

    Axial Seamount, R/V Kilo Moana

    Cascadia Margin, E/V Nautilus



    E/V Nautilus-Cascadia: Ocean Exploration Trust expedition searching for methane bubble emission sites (5/22/17-6/5/17)


    Axial 2017 Expedition: R/V Revelle (July 13-23) with ROV Jason and AUV Sentry. Pressure measurements of volcanic inflation after the 2015 eruption.

    R/V Falkor-Lau Basin: Studying the Submarine Volcanoes of Tonga (Nov/Dec 2017)

    Seeps and Ecosystems of the Cascadia Margin, E/V Nautilus (June 2016) Cruise Report: high-resolution 22MB | low-resolution 10.8MB pdf
    Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas, R/V Okeanos Explorer (April-July)
    Northern Expedition, R/V Western Flyer (July/August)
    R/V Falkor Science Verification Cruise (Nov. 18-24)
    Mariana back-arc, R/V Falkor (Nov. 29-/Dec. 20)