PMEL Scientists Contribute to Smithsonian's Sant Ocean Hall

The new Sant Ocean Hall, part of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, opened on September 27, 2008. The hall contains a combination of 674 marine specimens and models, high-definition video experiences, and other exhibits that allow visitors to explore the ocean's past, present and future. It is named for Roger and Vicki Sant, Washington philanthropists and Smithsonian supporters, who donated $15 million to support the new hall.

The Sant Ocean Hall was created in partnership with NOAA and many PMEL personnel were involved in various projects and exhibits throughout the hall, which is the only exhibition in the country devoted exclusively to a global view of the ocean. Dr. Robert Dziak provided "Sounds of the Southern Ocean" for the Smithsonian's "Jukebox" project. Drs. William Chadwick, Robert Embley and Vasily Titov provided subject expertise and creative input for many of the hall's imagery pieces included the Science on a Sphere (SOS) imagery piece with special attention to tsunamis and hydrothermal vents. Drs. Richard Feely and Chris Sabine's team contributed research and model outputs for the Where in the World we do Science Station for ocean acidification along with Dr. David Butterfield's NeMO Deep Ocean Observatory work. Dr. Ed Baker provided vent data for the new Smithsonian publication called Ocean, and Dr. Embley contributed information for "Hidden Depths, Atlas of the Ocean".

More information about Sant Ocean Hall can be found online at the Smithsonian's website.