The I8S hydrographic survey consisting of LADCP/CTD/rosette sections, bio-optical casts, trace metals rosette sections, underway shipboard ADCP, Argo Float deployments in the southern Indian Ocean was carried out in February and March 2007. The R/V Revelle departed Dunedin, New Zealand on 4 February 2007. A total of 88 stations were occupied. 88 LADCP/CTD/Rosette casts, 39 Trace Metals Rosette casts, 25 bio-optical casts were made, and 14 ARGO Floats were deployed from 15 February to 14 March. Water samples (up to 36 depths) and CTD data were collected on each LADCP/CTD/rosette cast in most cases to within 10-20 meters of the bottom. Salinity, dissolved oxygen and nutrient samples were analyzed for up to 36 water samples from each cast of the principal LADCP/CTD/rosette program. Water samples were also measured for Total DIC, Total Alkalinity, CFCs and CDOM, and samples were collected for DOC, POC, Helium/Tritium, and 13C. Underway surface pCO2, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, Fluorometer, meteorological and multibeam acoustical bathymetric measurements were made. The cruise ended in Fremantle, Australia on 17 March 2007.

Carbon Data
CTD and other hydrographic data
WOCE section designation: I08S_2007
Chief Scientists: Dr. James H. Swift and Dr. Annie Wong
Dates: 4 FEB 2007 - 17 MAR 2007
Ship: R/V Revelle
Ports of call: Dunedin, New Zealand - Fremantle, Australia
Stations 88
Geographic boundaries: 28°19.1'S to 65°48.6'S by 84°33.0'E to 95°0.05'E

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