The I6S hydrographic survey consisting of CTD/LADCP/rosette sections, bio-optical casts, trace metals CTD/rosette casts, and underway shipboard ADCP was carried out mainly along the 30°E line in the southern Indian Ocean in February and March 2008. The R/V Revelle departed Durban, South Africa on 4 February 2008. A total of 106 stations were occupied. These included 106 LADCP/CTD/Rosette casts, 80 trace metal rosette casts, 66 bio-optical casts from 4 February to 16 March. In addition, 17 ARGO floats were deployed. A couple dozen XBT drops were made for multibeam calibration and higher resolution sampling across fronts. Water samples (up to 36 depths) and CTD data were collected at each station. The cruise ended in Cape Town South Africa on 17 March, 2008.

Carbon Data
CTD and other hydrographic data
WOCE section designation: I06S_2008
Chief Scientists: Dr. Kevin G. Speer and Dr Thorsten Dittmar
Dates: 4 FEB 2008 - 17 MAR 2008
Ship: R/V Revelle
Ports of call: Durban, South Africa - Cape Town, South Africa
Stations: 106
Geographic boundaries: 33° 12.3' S to 68° 36.9' S by 28° 4.0' E to 33° 40.1' E

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