I09N - 2016

Reoccupation of the I09N transect occurred on the R/V Roger Revelle from March 21st, 2016 to April 28th, 2016. The survey of I09N consisted of CTDO, rosette, LADCP, chipod, water samples and underway measurements. The ship departed from the port of Fremantle, Western Australia and completed the cruise in the port of Cape Panwa on the island of Phuket, Thailand. A total of 113 stations were occupied with one CTDO/rosette/LADCP/chipod package. 1 repeat station from the previous section leg I08S station number 83 was the I09N initial station 84. 113 stations 117 CTDO/rosette/LADCP/chipod casts including 1 test cast performed, for the most part, a reoccupation of I09N-2007. 8 Argo/O2 floats, 3 trace metal casts, and 26 spectroradiometer (optics) casts were conducted during the cruise. CTDO data and water samples were collected on each CTDO, rosette, LADCP and chipod cast, usually with in 10 meters of the bottom. Water samples were measured on board for salinity, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, DIC, pH, total alkalinity and CFCs/SF6. Additional water samples were collected and stored for shore analyses of 𝛿O18, 𝛿N15 and 𝛿O18 in NO3, DOC/TDN, 13C/14C, CDOM, phytoplankton pigments, POC, HPLC, AP, DNA, dPOC/dPON, dNO3/NO3, d NO2/NO2, NH4+, cell counts, urea and bacterial abundance.

Carbon Data
CTD and other hydrographic data
Section designation: I09N
Chief Scientists: Dr. Leticia Barbero and Carmen Rodriguez
Dates: 21 MAR 2016 - 28 APR 2016
Ship: R/V Revelle
Ports of call: Fremantle, Australia - Phuket, Thailand
Stations 113
Geographic boundaries: 28° 18' 46.8" S to 17° 53' N by 84° 45' 9.72" E to 95° 0' 2.5" E

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