Contact Us

PMEL Carbon Group

Location and Shipping Address:
NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
7600 Sand Point Way NE
Building 3
Seattle, WA 98115-6349

Webmaster Contact:
pmel dot co2 dot webmaster at noaa dot gov

Carbon Group Contact Lists:
Carbon Group PIs (Feely, Alin, Sutton, Carter): oar dot pmel dot co2 at noaa dot gov
Underway pCO2: oar dot pmel dot underway dot co2 at noaa dot gov
Moored CO2: oar dot pmel dot moored dot CO2 at noaa dot gov
Discrete Sample Analysis: oar dot pmel dot co2 dot samples at noaa dot gov

For more information on the Carbon Group personnel visit the People webpage.

PMEL is located on NOAA's Western Regional Center about 30 minutes north of. SeaTac Airport, near the Montlake and University District neighborhoods and the University Village Shopping Center. For more information about local hotels and transportation options visit the PMEL Visitors web page.

Directions to NOAA/PMEL from SeaTac Airport (map)

  1. Follow airport signs to "Freeways North". Take 518 to I-5 North to Seattle.
  2. Exit I-5 at NE 45th Street, exit 169.
  3. Turn right onto NE 45th St. Follow NE 45th St. east through the University District and past the University Village. The street eventually winds north and becomes Sand Point Way NE. Pass Magnuson Park. The entrance to the NOAA Western Regional Center (WRC) is just north of the park.
  4. At the "NOAA Western Regional Center" sign, turn right onto the campus.
  5. Follow the signs to the guard shack. Parking is free. (Campus map)

Directions from the Silver Cloud Inn (1 block north of University Village, 5035 25th NE, 1-800-205-6940 or 206-526-5200) to NOAA/PMEL:

  1. Turn right (north) out of the parking lot onto 25th Ave NE.
  2. Turn right onto Blakely. Blakely will change names as you follow it, just continue on the road.
  3. Turn left at the light onto NE 45th Street.
  4. Continue on NE 45th St, which becomes Sand Point Way NE, for about 2 miles.
  5. The NOAA campus is on your right directly after Magnusson Park. A guard at the gate will direct you from there.