2010 Canadian Coastal Cruise

During July and August 2010, members of the PMEL Carbon Group were invited to participate in the Canadian coastal carbon cruise led by Dr. Debby Ianson of the Institute of Ocean Sciences.  The objective of the cruise was to evaluate the current state of the carbon system, its variability and parameters that may help to anticipate change, along the west coast of Canada and the surrounding waters with relevance to ocean acidification.

During the cruise, ten coastal transects and a few inland stations were occupied.  At all stations, the CTD-rosette was sampled for salinity, oxygen, pH, dissolved inorganic carbon, total alkalinity, and nutrients (nitrate, phosphate, silicic acid).  At select locations and depths, additional samples were collected for TOC, CDOM, HPLC, POC, PON, biogenic silica, chl, phytoplankton DNA/RNA, phytoplankton species composition, dissolved gas concentrations (oxygen, nitrogen, and argon), dissolved oxygen triple isotopes, water isotopes (oxygen), trace metals, and zooplankton.  In addition to the water column sampling, underway measurements (CO2, O2, Ar, N2, DMS, pCO2 and NO3-), on-deck incubation experiments, and bioassays were done.  For information about the results of the cruise, please contact Dr. Ianson.

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